Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Model: Hi Flow
  • The Innovative make, HI-FLOW machine, Model: HF-5LCH-1.25, is a truck chassis mounted, combined suction-cum-jetting unit capable of de-silting and de-choking civil / industrial drains and sewer lines.
  • The unit consists of an Air mover unit with a high pressure-high flow water jetting system, integrated with a high flow-high vacuum suction system to complete the high flow machine.
  • De-choking and de-silting of the sewer and drain water lines and chambers will carried out High Pressure Jetting System working on the principal of hydrodynamic cleaning by injecting high pressure – high flow water into the lines through a suitably dimensioned sewer jetting hose and special cleaning nozzles.
  • Aspiration of the effluent from sewer and drain water lines and chambers will carried out on the principle of generating high vacuum in the independent mobile truck mounted vacuum loader dump tanks which will be connected to the vacuum generation plant.


  • Collection of metallic chips
  • Collection of powders
  • Collection of cotton fluff in textile mills
  • Centralized Vacuum cleaning systems
  • Recovery of welding flux
  • Collection of liquids (Water/Oil/Coolant etc.)
  • Collection of hazardous dust
  • Coolant / Oil recycling