Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

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Jetting Machine
  • The INNOVATIVE 8 LCH is a combination machine, which combines sludge aspiration and jetting of civil and industrial sewers.
  • It consists of a combined twin compartment tank of a total volumetric capacity of 8000 liter’s, divided into two compartments of 4500 liter’s for fresh water and 3500 litters for sewer water.
  • Vacuuming of dense waste/sludge’s from septic tanks, sewer lines, storm water rains, gullies etc., is carried out.
  • Blowing of pressurized air / water into the chamber dislodges the sediment solids, which combine with the liquefied effluent to form sludge.
  • This is then collected into the tank by operating the system in the vacuum mode.
  • The sludge tank may be emptied by gravity or by pressurized discharge.
  • Emptying of sludge tank is effected via hydraulic tipping.


  • Collection of metallic chips
  • Collection of powders
  • Collection of cotton fluff in textile mills
  • Centralized Vacuum cleaning systems
  • Recovery of welding flux
  • Collection of liquids (Water/Oil/Coolant etc.)
  • Collection of hazardous dust
  • Coolant / Oil recycling